The Importance of Education on Religion

Understanding various religions is an important facet of a person’s education and instructions on religion are of utmost importance. However, school curriculum does not really focus on religious education because they feel teaching about religion to a particular sect of students may not be appropriate as they would not be comfortable with having to learn about up board result a religion that they do not follow.

In a broader context, religious education is a must because of the way it enhances a person’s mind on various faiths across the world. Religious studies first originated in the 19th century, when knowledge on the Bible spread across the world. This was also a time when Hindu and Buddhist text came to be studied extensively, leading to their translation onto European languages. The interests in these ancient texts were extensive and as a result studying the religion of the text became a crucial aspect to its key understanding.

Every country has its own rules and regulations on imparting religious education. In the United Kingdom, the country school education system has a policy in place and it compulsory to implement it. The State Religious Education System offers education on different faiths, even though as per the law there should be more education on the Christian faith. In the Unites States, it is offered in the form of Catechism Classes, Sunday school, and Hebrew School. Families who wish to give a greater understanding of religion to their wards are seen to send them to parochial schools, which is affiliated to a particular congregation. This education is not allowed in public schools and if religion was discussed, it should be done from a very general perspective. Though religious education is considered controversial, many people consider it to be important because it helps people to be more responsible and also develop into refined individuals.